New Crosby Easy-Loc V2 Shackle Bolt Securement System

Dear Crosby Business Partner:

After months of development and extensive end user testing, Crosby is pleased to introduce the new Crosby Easy Loc V2™ (version 2) shackle bolt securement system.   An industry first that eliminates the need for a nut and cotter pin in critical lift applications. In compliance with all industry standards, the new Crosby Easy-Loc V2™ raises the bar by introducing a system that is up to 90% faster vs. traditional securement methods.

The innovative Crosby Easy-Loc V2™ shackle bolt securement system will change the way you perform heavy lifts in the future:

  • No cotter pins required / No tools required - Reduces install and release time by up to 90% when compared to nut and cotter pins
  • Robust 316 Stainless Steel design is job-site tough and helps reduce corrosion
  • Up to 60% lighter when compared against a nut and cotter pin
  • Built-in tether points for lifts that require “DROPS” compliance

In addition to the Crosby Easy-Loc V2™ introduction, Crosby will simultaneously introduce the new Wide Grip shackle bolt handle.  Designed with the end user in mind, the new ergonomic handle makes the installation / removal of pins more efficient.  Additionally, the wide opening grip will allow for hassle free rigging points for bolt movement.  Once you get a grip on the new Crosby Wide Grip handle, you’ll never want to let go.

For additional information, please refer to attached Product Update and product flyer.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Crosby District Sales Manager or Crosby Customer Service.

As always, thank you for choosing Crosby.

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