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The Elebia Bumper

The elebia bumper is a perfect shock absorber that protects your hook from impacts.

  • Protect your hook and your load from scratches.
  • Protect workers in case of impact.
  • Extend product life.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Build of polyurethane (elastomeric).

Valid for: evo5, evo10c, evo10, evo20 and evo25. Units can be retrofitted, simple installation.

Not valid for: the evo2, ATEX hooks or hooks with counterbalance.


Unloading of multiple bigbags with the new evo2  

Watch this video to see the elebia automatic crane hook working and loading a vessel with 1T pitch big bags. The automatic opening and closing of the hook makes these operations extremely simple rising their safety and productivity to the top.

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